Weekends & Activities


Our program is one of the premier teen summer camps in the country because of our mix of academics and fun.  During the day, we are immersed in our chosen field of study. But when class is over, there is no homework. We balance hands-on learning with time for relaxation and fun activities. The whole point is to create and foster a group experience that is fun and rewarding. Activities are always safe and supervised, and allow students from different program tracks to meet and get to know each other. We offer a lot of activities – too many to list here – that put our students into groups big and small to build friendships and foster personal growth.

fun at our teen summer camps

fun at our teen summer camps


During the afternoons, students can jump into a game of soccer or Frisbee on the quad; go to the recreation center for swimming, court games or working out; or relax with friends, read a book, and play games in the lounges.


In the evenings, resident advisors organize activities that allow the students and staff to come together. This may include anything from lawn games and spirit wars to academic seminars and discussions. We could host 80’s night, or have mocktails, or just hang out in the lounges.

Every Friday night at each session has a spirited dance and music party which is open to day and overnight students as a way to cement friendships made during the week. Then, Saturday morning there is a closing ceremony for students, friends and family.

Weekend Fun

Students stay for free on Saturday nights in between sessions they are attending!  Many of our students stay for more than one week. Like last summer, we have a price reduction for multiple sessions: with each week of the program you attend, you receive a built-in discount! Students may attend any or all sessions.

there's nothing like our teen summer camps

there’s nothing like our teen summer camps















After the Saturday closing ceremony, students who have completed their summer with us move out of the dorms. Multi-session students stay with us, choosing from a variety of fun activities or local trips off-campus.  They can also choose to enjoy a quiet day with the staff, refreshing, energizing and preparing for another new session with tons of new students arriving Sunday afternoon. Saturday night we do something different! This is a chance for students to bond with the staff, because the ratio of students to staff is small on that Saturday night, a lot of fun always happens.

Please note: CSS will make every effort to do all of the trips and activities listed in the catalog and
on website, but cannot guarantee that everything will be available, due to weather or other factors.