television production

RadioCreate and shoot your own material, scripts, shows and more! Centenary College runs its own
television broadcasting and production facility. Students have the opportunity to experience all
phases of television and video production. This course is perfect for students interested in learning
the skills of production – both in front and behind the camera. The course is divided into two
areas of focus – in studio production, and on-site fieldwork. Students are encouraged to attend
multiple sessions so they can experience the full aspect of television production.

In Studio
Students will work within the college’s TV station. Students learn the basics of the three-camera
shoot, working on both sides of the camera. They discover how critical lighting and sound are to
a quality production. They mix sound, create innovative transitions, and use the editing console
to learn non linear editing.

From lighting to sound to camera setup, shooting outside the studio is different and requires a
different set of tools and skills. Students use field cameras, tripods and wireless microphones
while learning about recording and location management.

Production in Studio and On-Site – Week 1
Students experience a good mix of in studio and on – site production. Week two is usually broken
into two distinct projects that the students largely chose to do. Past projects have been the
creation of a movie preview trailer, game show parodies, and full-length in-studio talk shows.

Production On-Site -Week 3
This production is more on – site than the previous week. Students focus on one major
project that requires multiple shoots. Past products have included music videos, movie shorts,
and a TV pilot episode. The students are the talent, production team, editors, story line creators
and producers.