Studio Art

Studio Art Summer Program

Spend a week developing your inner Picasso at our new Studio Art summer program!

Our Studio Art program features work in skill building, talent development and portfolio development. Whether you plan on majoring in Art in College, or simply love to express yourself creatively and artistically, this class is for you.

This studio art summer program is perfect for young artists who want to take their work to the next level. This course centers on skill building and portfolio development.

Having fun at the Studio Art Summer Program at CSS!

Having fun at the Studio Art Summer Program at CSS!


Every artist requires a great portfolio to showcase skill and talent. A quality portfolio is one of the most fundamental aspects of any artist’s career. For students looking to study art in college, a portfolio is typically required as part of the college application process. But portfolios are much more than simply tools to get in College; they are the only way by which galleries will evaluate new shows, agents will scout new talent, and buyers will source new material. Both online and in-hand, an amazing portfolio can open the door to just about anywhere! We will work individually with each student to evaluate the status of their current portfolio, and work to augment and fill in any weakness or deficiencies. Whatever the state of your current portfolio, you will leave this creative arts summer camp summer session with a stronger and more advanced presentation.

Studio Art Summer Program at CSS!

Studio Art Summer Program at CSS!


The other major focus of this course is pure artistic skill building, from drawing and painting to sculpture and mixed media. Students will learn and improve their skills in visualization using many mediums, drawing objects and forms from direct observation. We will also work in three dimensions, using found materials and our own imaginations! Our students will make great strides in building their skills, developing a deeper confidence in their creations, and making art on a college level.


It is important for our students to have an understanding of art history, and to think about where art is going. We will discuss art across the centuries, as well as new trends and modern art. Can someone like Banksy be put in the same category as Degas? New trends in art are discussed, from found art to art in public spaces. Not only will we discuss found art, and art in public spaces, but we will make it as well! We will head off-campus to visit local galleries and to try art in public spaces. Join us for a week of artistic expression and powerful portfolio development!