Fashion Design

Always one of the most popular majors at CSS! Join us this summer!

fashion design summer camp

Our fashion design summer camp is the best! Fashion Design is an exciting field of study and career choice. It is a major offered by the College, and that creates an enormous benefit for our Summer Scholars students. Our fashion design summer camp students have the luxury of using first-class, College-level equipment in a professional and academic setting.

Each student will have access to their own sewing machine, their own drafting table, and tons and tons of supplies.  From scissors and pens and thread to cloth and fabric and accessories,  our fashion design summer camp students have a lot to work with!  Imagine being surrounded by the right gear, and time to learn.

Imagine several classrooms filled with all sorts of gear, sewing machines, tables, equipment, mannequins, and more…


Each week features the following coursework. Students who attend more than one session will continue learning without repetition.

Skill Building: Sketching, Stitching and Sewing

Our fashion design major is the perfect class for a budding fashion designer! Many college-level fashion design students have poor mechanics and fundamentals, which impact their academic and professional performance. This course will help our fashion design summer camp students develop and polish their skills.

_MG_8537 The ability to quickly sketch ideas is critical to fashionistas. During the week, our students learn the conventions of fashion sketching. Templates are provided to help students create their own poses and experiment with technique and style. Presenting and articulating creative ideas in a sketch is critical to success.

In the stitching portion of the course, our fashion design summer camp students learn to read a commercial pattern, layout and cut fabric properly, use commercial sewing machines, and finish seams.

Sewing by hand is another skill all fashion designers need.  Who knows when they will need to quickly sew something on the fly! That’s why our students learn many hand-sewing techniques. Dexterity, safety, speed, and professional level skills are introduced to our students. Being able to quickly and professionally sew and put together original pieces is a critical component of any designers’ skill set.

Portfolio Development

Every designer needs a portfolio.  For school, for jobs, for life…. a high-quality portfolio is absolutely essential.  Our students will discuss in detail the elements of a good portfolio… and work to collate their own best work into a clean, well-rounded portfolio.  By the end of the session,

each student will have several items to add to their portfolio, including sketches and drawings, actual hand-made pieces, and more.  But even more importantly, each student will have a better, more full and complete understanding of what comprises a comprehensive portfolio.  We want our students to have the tools to put their best work on display, to help achieve all of their hopes and dreams.

All of our students will be working with an eye towards their portfolio. Every student hoping to enter a design field must have a portfolio, and some of our students arrive with little or no experience in developing a smart, sincere, professional portfolio. CSS will help students build or expand their portfolio with creative, well-presented and individually expressive pieces.

Fashion Design: Project Centenary

If you love any of the amazing fashion shows on TV, then you have an idea what this course is all about. Feel the drama build as you find yourself in your own reality fashion week at CSS!

P_MG_9089roject Centenary:  Based on the hit series Project Runway, students take on challenges that test their creativity, design skills and endurance.

This portion of the fashion design summer camp week is about completing work and showing it. We will perfect and improve our individual skills while working as a group toward a presentation and show. It is fun, exciting and intense. Just like our students!