computer programming & game design

Our programming courses combine ideation, digital design, script, and coding. Students will gain
the tools to express their ideas creatively and effectively. All courses are project-based and cover
an abundance of material. Students design their own projects and execute them with as much
guidance and individual attention is needed.

Projects vary by week and depending on student preference, but they cover a wide range
of possibilities from learning to use HTML (for students with little to no experience with
programming) to building Flash applications to full game design. Game design focuses on all levels
of game creation such as story progression, character development, game play, etc.

State of The Art Mac Lab
Students have access to programming techniques such as Actionscript 2.0 and Photoshop in a
beautiful state of the art Mac lab. This lab, which offers students their own machine, is fantastic.
If you like computers this course is a must.



This is an introduction to HTML for students with little or no experience in programming.  Students are taught in a well-paced, hands-on environment and quickly develop familiarity and comfort with HTML, which they can use to develop their own websites.

Flash Apps!
Students learn how to build Flash applications from the ground up to produce more sophisticated
digital content. With a combination of learning graphics and animation along with programming
techniques (Actionscript 2.0), students develop the tools to create projects of their choice. These
projects can range from Web site animation to cartoon animation to simple computer video game.

Game Design I 
This week covers the basics of game design, beginning with a brief history of video games and
techniques that are still used today. We touch on the many areas involved in game design, such
as story progression, character development, events and sequence, game play and game balancing
and level progression. Students experiment with these elements through programming suing
Actionscript 2.0 as well as Photoshop to create graphics for their Flash-based games.












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