Centenary Summer Scholars gives rising 8th–12th grade students the opportunity to immerse themselves in one course of study for a full week.

Students choose one intensive course of study at the time of registration – their Major. Then, at the day of registration, students will be presented a final list of electives from which to choose. The elective will help break up the day and make the learning more fun. Students may sign up for multiple sessions,choosing a different course each session; students may also benefit from multiple weeks in the same course.

Majors: The curriculum for each Major is designed around student involvement. Teachers incorporate student needs and interest into the lessons. Each class becomes a unique exploration. All courses are hands-on and project-based. In all courses, students collaborate, critique, plan and present.

Electives: The curriculum for a great elective class will draw from many different fields. SpyCraft, one of our most highly anticipated electives, features science, history, english and much more.  We have an option to study architecture in the region.  Another elective will feature the art and science of sustainability and river ecosystems.  These electives are bound to be cool!

As our program continues to mature, now entering our 7th year, the feedback we have gotten from our students has been incorporated to maximize academic achievement and socialization factors for everyone. We have gone to great lengths to ensure every course is fun, rewarding, intensive, hands-on… and just plain awesome.

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is one of the most interesting classes we offer. Very popular with college freshman, this course will introduce our CSS students to the fascinating world of the human mind.  Connects to the degree offered by the College.


Sustainability is an important new concept that is entering almost all fields of study and professional development. In partnership with College faculty member Cindy Case, this is the second year for this course.

Forensic Science

In our forensic science class, students get hands-on experience with a variety of forensic science techniques, like lifting prints from surfaces, making castings of footprints, analyzing blood spatter, and more!  Connects to a Natural Sciences and Biology Major at the College.

Veterinary Science 101

Intro to Vet Sci and Small Animal Medicine. Students will focus on common canine and feline diseases as well as familiarizing themselves with signs of disease, therapeutic treatments, and metdhods of prevention. Other small animals, such as birds, reptiles, and small quadruped mammals will be studied as well. Students will focus on anatomy, physiology, safety and welfare as well as other important issues and fundamental concepts.  A natural placement for Biology Majors at the College.

Veterinary Science 102

Continuation of Vet Sci and Large Animal Medicine. Students will focus on the examination, recognition, treatment and prevention of disease to large animals. This includes but not limited to horses, cattle, and other food-producing animals. Large animal anatomy and physiology will be studied as well as the healing and treatment of wounds, lameness, and dentistry.  A wonderful add-onto the 101 course and a great precursor to Biology classes at the College.

Writer’s Workshop

This course focuses on a diversity of material, especially that with the most ‘creative’ bent. Students will write short stories, personal narratives, and learn a variety of poetry styles. There’s also room for personalization: everything from song writing to fan-fiction is fair game if the student has the passion for it. Expect a wide array of creative modes of writing in this course; some more familiar, some with which the student may otherwise have never be exposed. Connects to the English Major at the College with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Television Production

Create and shoot your own material, scripts, shows and more! Centenary College runs its own television broadcasting and production facility. Students have the opportunity to experience all phases of television and video production.  Connect s to the College’s Radio/TV major.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design is an exciting field of study and career choice. It is a major offered by the College, and it is one of the most popular courses at CSS. All of our students, in both tracks, will be working with an eye towards their portfolio. Every student hoping to enter a design field must have a portfolio, and our students arrive year after year with little or no experience in developing a smart, sincere, professional portfolio.  Connects to the Bachelor of Fashion offered by the College.

Computer Programming and Game Design

Our programming courses combine ideation, digital design, script, and coding. Students will gain the tools to express their ideas creatively and effectively. All courses are project-based and cover an abundance of material. Students design their own projects and execute them with as much guidance and individual attention is needed. This is an area of study leading to one of the hottest and most prized careers in the new economy.