FAQs for CSS the summer enrichment programs NJ loves!

Who will my suite mates be? What are the residence halls like?
Suite mates are matched by age and the info provided in the roommate section of the application. Students are housed on floors by gender, and staff live on each floor. There are four students per suite, each with his or her own bedroom. Each floor has common lounges with TVs, ping-pong, foosball tables, couches and quiet areas. Dorms are secure with key-cards and 24-hour Campus Safety.  CSS – summer enrichment programs NJ loves!

I’m flying to camp; can someone pick me up?
Yes; the College offers drivers and vans to pick-up and drop-off students at Newark Airport (EWR) Summer Scholars staff members escort students. For those who choose this service, full payment and travel information must be submitted by June 1.

Can I bring my cell phone or laptop?
Students may bring their cell phones; however, we have a strict cell phone use policy. Students may not carry phones with them around campus. Phone use can be disruptive to the learning environment and can prevent students from connecting with the new friends and mentors. Students may take cell phones on all off-campus trips, as an extra level of safety. Students and parents may reach each other 24-hours a day through the program office. Students may not bring personal laptops but may use the campus computer labs for e-mail and Internet use.

How well supervised are the students while attending CSS?
Safety is our top priority! The environment is filled with excitement, relaxation, and opportunity. Throughout the day, students are offered a variety of supervised activities tailored to their interests and energy levels. With an experienced, highly-trained staff and college security, CSS provides necessary supervision to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.  Indeed CSS has the summer enrichment programs NJ loves!

CSS - summer enrichment programs NJ

CSS – summer enrichment programs NJ