ELECTIVES: This year we give the students a chance to take elective courses. These classes, which draw on the strengths of our teachers, are short introductions to interesting areas of academic study. Electives are not chosen at the time of registration; they are chosen on the first day of CSS. On each opening Sunday, the teaching staff will outline and describe the electives they will be teaching. Students will choose their elective the first night of camp (for both day and overnight students), which allows for the possibility that students can choose an elective with a new friend. Roommates who are in separate majors may opt to choose the same electives. We incorporate the college’s energy and expertise into the electives while giving students an opportunity to live and study in a real college environment.


Approved electives include:

(1) SAT Prep (led by Dawn Hull, CSS Faculty member, Psychology, and SAT tutor for a nationally-recognized top SAT prep company)

SAT prep will give students an overview of the test itself, strategies that will demystify the SAT test taking process and a greater sense of confidence knowing that the test is actually quite predictable. These strategies may include:

·         Multiple choice question strategy

·         Typical wrong answer traps

·         Writing strategy

·         Process of elimination strategy

…just to name a few. Of course, learning a new game plan must be followed with continued practice. These strategies take time to master, but this overview of SAT strategy should provide students with an understanding that the SAT is not as daunting as they previously thought.

(2) How to be a TV News Anchor!  (led by Matt Mendres, College faculty member and TV Production Teacher) This elective is a primer on the mechanics of sitting behind a news desk, looking into the camera and delivering the news. The students will learn how to review news copy, how to mic themselves, how to sound check, how to read from a teleprompter, how to “connect” with the viewer, how to transition between stories, how to toss to other talent, how to throw to a break, and how to keep cool when everything falls apart.  Study the moves of famous anchors as they lead viewers through the biggest events of their day to study what to do… and watch other anchors’ epic fails on camera to study what NOT to do!

(3) Zumba/Dance Fitness  (led by Tara Andreas, CSS faculty member from the Writer’s Workshop)

This Zumba exercise class will blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a fun total-body workout. You can expect to dance to hip hop, Latin, swing, and other international music. Whether you love to dance, or you’re interested in trying Zumba for the first time, this is a great elective choice for you!
(4) Introduction to Criminal Justice (led by Katie Malewich, CSS faculty member from forensic science)
This elective will introduce students to Criminal Justice.  The instructor has a BA and MA in Criminal Justice and is well versed in most areas of study, and is perfectly positioned to give students a first look into all aspects of criminal justice.  Students will be introduced to the law enforcement, judicial and correctional branches of the Criminal Justice system. If you are fascinated by shows like CSI, or intrigued by modern police work, or are even considering a career in law enforcement, this elective is for you.
(5) Equestrian Center: Basic Horse Care (led by Carey Masson)  This elective will be held at the Centenary College Equestrian Center.  It will discuss the basics oif caring for a horse, including behavior, anatomy, and diseases of the equine species.  You will get to meet some of Centenary’s 100+ horses and learn what it takes to care for these animals.  If you love animals and are interested in learning more about horses, this elective is for you!  Closed toe shoes required.  Space is limited.
(6) Songwriting (led by David Mason) Students will be introduced to format, arrangement, chord progressions and lyrical composition.  We will use our favorite music to illustrate these concepts and extract lessons that we can apply to our own songwriting.  Students will write songs in a group and/or individual capacity.  No prior knowledge necessary.
(7) Intro to Wellness (led by Liz Hartman).  Our digital fast-paced world can become overwhelming at times.  The constant saturation of information surrounding us often perpetuates our anxieties.  What can we do to calm our minds in order to be productive, happy people?  This elective will explore the benefits of meditation, light yoga, and other sources of mental and physical healing in order to enrich our lives with positivity.
The electives listed here are being contemplated for summer 2014, and the final list offered to students may change due to circumstances beyond our control.