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Centenary College summer camp for high school students

Centenary College lies in the heart of a lovely, historic Victorian village. Students enjoy the rich scenery including the beautiful architecture in downtown Hackettstown. The area is clean and safe… a perfect backdrop for Centenary Summer Scholars.

Founders Hall becomes the center of the universe for our students. Day and commuter students are dropped off here. During down time, they can hang out with friends in the lounges, common rooms, and room suites. Over the course of the week the Centenary College summer camp for high school students have a blast.  They decorate, write on each others’ doors, and get the chance to live and learn like college students.

Community is at the heart of the positive experience at CSS. Our teachers and activity leaders excel as role models and mentors. Our returning staff provide continuity and intellectual capital. The staff is typically comprised of our program director, academic director, residence life director, teachers, and resident advisors. The directors make sure students are well engaged, growing academically and socially, staying safe, and having fun. The staff live in the residence halls with the students to ensure 24-hour availability and supervision.

We incorporate the college’s energy and experience into our program and include our Summer Scholars in the exciting world of a collegiate campus. It is a wonderful introduction to the college experience, essential for the future of our students. Join us for the summer of a lifetime and an experience you will never forget. The Centenary College summer camp for high school students is a great opportunity for almost any student who enjoys learning and trying new academic and social experiences.  Come join us this summer for a summer of a lifetime!

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Centenary College: Student – Centered Learning: »

The total growth of each individual is taken into account in the Centenary Experience. We try to match our teaching styles with your learning style. We do this in many ways.

  1. First, through our outstanding faculty who take a personal interest in your academic success.

  2. Second, with computer technologies and learning systems that complement your academic pursuits. Third, with a wide range of academic services to help you achieve your goals.

Campus Highlights


Our recreation center is essentially brand new! It is the main hub for campus sports with playing courts, an indoor swimming pool, and gymnasium. Atthe Centenary College summer camp for high school students, sports are not required!  The bottom line is, many of our students would never consider going to the rec center! On the other hand, though, there are quite a few students who actually will enjoy the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment throughout the program; we have enough diversion to keep all sorts of students happy and engaged.


SUITE-STYLE LIVING: Founders Hall is one of the most popular features of our program. The suites are fully air-conditioned with individual bedrooms for every student. Each suite has four bedrooms and two bathrooms oriented off of a main living room and kitchen. The main living room has couches and a coffee table. In addition to the suites, the building has a large common space, and features televisions, couches, ping-pong, foosball tables, and quiet areas.


This 22,000-square foot performing arts center is the most sophisticated space of its kind in northwest New Jersey. It houses a 500-seat theater, our TV studio and production facility, our College radio station,and our state-of-the-art dining hall.


There are vegetarian and meat options at every meal, along with an awesome salad bar and a well-stocked ice cream bar at the Centenary College summer camp for high school students! There are multiple dishes offered and a large array of soft drinks and other beverages. The hall is large, spacious, and bright with lots of windows overlooking the quad and a host of HD flat screens dotting the walls. It is everything a modern collegiate dining hall can be!

Centenary College summer camp for high school students

Centenary College summer camp for high school students