Beyond the Classroom


Event Nights and Evening Activities

During the day, we are immersed in academics. But when class is over, there is no homework. We balance the challenging hands-on learning in class with time for relaxation and fun activities. To complete the CSS experience, activities are always safe and supervised and allow students from different program tracks to get to know each other outside of class. These team-building activities are designed to build community, strengthen friendships and foster personal growth.

During free time, students can jump into a game of soccer or frisbee on the quad; go to the recreation center for swimming, court games or working out; or relax with friends, read a book, and play games in the lounges.

In the evenings, resident advisors (RAs) organize activities that allow all the students and staff to come together and have fun. These activities may include lawn games and spirit wars and also special academic seminars and discussions.

Event Nights:
Some nights may feature specialized camp-wide events. From the final social dance on Friday nights, to our Admissions Seminar, we work to make sure the experience is great.

New this summer!

On each Saturday, our students will have the opportunity to travel to NYC for the day. Students staying more than one week will already be on campus. Students who are attending one week can check-in one day earlier, or, one day later, than their session dates. In this way they can experience this trip! Please note: there is an additional fee for this trip. Students who do not want to go on this trip can stay on campus for free in between their two sessions, if they are attending two sessions. Students who are attending just one session, and do not choose to avail themselves of this opportunity, do not get to stay on campus beyond the usual session dates.

Our NYC trip was created because of the demand from international students. This trip will will be popular with them, as well as with any student (including those from the NYC area) who want to see the sights and sounds of the greatest city on Earth with their new friends from camp!

Our Super Saturday trips are designed to have students have a day of sight-seeing, shopping and visiting tourist destinations in NYC. While in NYC, students will of course benefit from the constant supervision of our competent staff. This trip will be a wonderful way to get to know these destination locales. This will be a great day trip!

College Admissions Seminar

The point of this seminar is to de-mystify, simplify and prepare for the student for the upcoming college admissions process. Students will meet with members of the CSS Admissions office. We will conduct mock interviews as well as work on specific college entrance essays. We will discuss extra-curricular work, Advance Placement courses and much more. Whether students choose to apply to Centenary or to other schools, this seminar is designed to give students a leg up on navigating the process. Students will create or clarify their own personalized college search plan portfolio focused on their “true identity”. So whether a student is a rising senior (with a unique set of challenges and facing short deadlines) or a rising freshman (with more time to work on their application and extra-curriculars), students will be energized and engaged in the application process.

Led by members of the Admissions Office.


“Centenary Summer Scholars is by far the best camp I have attended in my life.  There was a heavy emphasis on meeting people and making friends… the sheer amount of fun I had just hanging around other people was incredible.”

- Michael B., 2013 CSS Student