P7030016Centenary Summer Scholars gives rising 8th–12th grade students the opportunity to immerse themselves in one course of study for a full week.

Students choose one intensive course of study at the time of registration – their Major. Then, at the day of registration, students will be presented a final list of electives from which to choose. The elective will help break up the day and make the learning more fun. Students may sign up for multiple sessions,choosing a different course each session; students may also benefit from multiple weeks in the same course.

Majors: The curriculum for each Major is designed around student involvement. Teachers incorporate student needs and interest into the lessons. Each class becomes a unique exploration. All courses are hands-on and project-based. In all courses, students collaborate, critique, project plan and present.

Electives: The curriculum for a great elective class wil draw from many different fields. SpyCraft, one of our most highly anticipated electives, features science, history, english and much more.

As our program continues to mature, the feedback we have gotten from our students has been incorporated to maximize academic achievement and socialization factors for everyone. We have gone to great lengths to ensure every course is fun, rewarding, intensive, hands-on… and just plain awesome.