Pre-College Summer Programs: Centenary Summer Scholars 2018:

Summer Scholars is a premier pre-college summer program now entering our 12th summer!

Centenary Summer Scholars feature pre-college summer programs for rising 8th through 12th grade students. Located in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Centenary University provides a fun and creative learning space in which students can make the  most of our wonderful resources.  Our majors are a great way to experience the University environment.  This year we have added a new major – Studio Art – for those students who want to learn more and develop their portfolios, to go with last year’s new course AP Biology/Pre-Med which is for students who are interested in a science or medical career as well as for students who have taken one of our science programs in previous summers.

CSS - pre-college summer programs

CSS – pre-college summer programs

Our summer scholars program allows students to explore their academic passions. We introduce subjects that school may not offer, while encouraging students to experiment with classes as they begin to consider their college major. Our pre-college summer programs also feature fun structured events outside of class.

Thousands of students from across the country and around the world have chosen CSS as their summer destination because of our unique mix of classwork and structured experiences as well as our excellent staff and top-notch facilities.  We work all year to ensure every aspect of the pre-college summer programs are planned and curated to be the best possible.

Download our PDF, check out our Facebook page, and call and talk to our Camp Directors.  This program is a very important experience for a student who is in high school and is planning on attending University one day!

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Partial view of a common space used by all students - the best summer academic camp in NJ! Partial view of a common space used by all students

Our Residence Halls Are Awesome

For our residential students at our premier pre-college summer programs, the rooms and the layout of the residence hall is always one of their biggest questions and concerns. Pre-college summer programs are important; we find the residence hall is the center of our universe. Students and parents ask: What are the rooms like? What will the suites look like? Where does everybody hang-out? We answer: Well, each suite has 4 individual single rooms attached to a large common hang-out space and kitchenette. The hang-out space has couches and chairs so you can host some of your new friends, and the kitchenette space comes with a microwave, cabinets, refrigerator and stove.  So you can make microwave popcorn and serve cold sodas to your new friends! Best of all, each individual room comes with it's own door, so it is a true private single, with a bed, desk and dresser. There are two bathrooms per suite, so each student shares a full bathroom with just one other student, which is very nice. The suite-system is a first-class experience for high-school students to get their feet wet in the college setting. The building is broken up into floors and halls, and each hall is organized by gender. So all of the girls could be on the third floor, and the boys on the second, for example. On the second floor in the middle of the building is a large social space with TVs, couches, foosball, and that sort of thing. That is where we have our morning meeting, and is the social epicenter of camp. The residential hall and experience is one of the biggest reasons why we are so popular! Come see why!

Our Courses

Centenary Summer Scholars gives rising 8th–12th grade students the opportunity to immerse themselves in one course of study for a full week. Students choose one intensive course of study at the time of registration (which we refer to as their Major). Students may sign up for multiple sessions, choosing a different course each session. Students also may benefit from focusing on the same major for multiple weeks, providing in-depth experience in that topic.  The choice is yours!  The most important thing is to join us on campus for the summer of a lifetime!

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